Sunday, 14 June 2015

Back home now having had a truly inspiring weekend. Really interesting and thought provoking visits with a unique bunch of people.
It was wonderful to get home and see all the animals again particularly Spud, Poppy and Lucy who were besides themselves with joy on our return. We were also greeted with four ducklings and two proud mother ducks. They had left the nest sometime ago and the remaining eggs were cold but when I went to dispose of them I heard a faint cheeping from one. I warmed it up but it was still too weak to escape its egg so I carefully peeled of the shell and there was a sweet little yellow and black duckling. It is still very weak and is spending the night on the Aga and will be very lucky if it makes it but you never know.  The rest of the menagerie were all good and the horses in particular looked really well.