Sunday, 28 June 2015

I had my first swim in the river yesterday and it was blooming cold. I had taken a couple of hours off and was reading a Bear Grylls book by the river, where he led a team across the North Atlantic just below the Arctic circle in an open rigid inflatable boat across the most treacherous frozen seas. It therefore seemed a bit wimpish not to go in the water after reading that.
Glory Hunter and Sea Rock on holiday

The horses are all very much enjoying their holidays and I have to say it is nice not to have the relentless routine that we have when they are in full work. It is great to catch up with the gardening and office work and Doug is busy in his spare time(?!) renovating another shepherd hut. This one is going to be solar powered and be tucked away in the bottom meadow by the river. The other two are nearly always fully booked and I hate turning people away so it seemed like a good idea.