Sunday, 9 August 2015

Another beautiful summers day... The combines have been out and have finished the oil seed rape and it won't be long before the wheat is ready.
We have been really busy with the shepherd huts with all four and the cottage fully booked up. We have even had to convert our coffee break hut into a bedroom. It is a great little business which fits in really well with the off season whilst we are not training horses. Doug has had an operation on his arm repairing his ruptured bicep tendon, so instead of fencing he has been put to good use by changing sheets and checking in guests - He will be glad when he has fully recovered and he can get back to doing 'manly' things again!
All the horses are looking really well in the field and we will be getting them in at the end of August. We are not having the same open day as before but are having more of an owners morning and lunch in October when the horses will be cantered around the big field. Far more entertaining as the horses love to show off around that field and I am sure there will be a few jockeys getting carted with quite a good chance of there being an empty saddle or two. All good fun....