Saturday, 15 August 2015

Spud conquering Skiddaw

Come on Dad, no time for resting!

Derwent Water

Grisedale Pike in the background

Just stunning...
We have just had the most perfect two days away in the Lake district. We were so lucky with the weather and you really cannot be anywhere more beautiful when the sun shines.We stayed in a nice little hotel in Borrowdale on the shores of the Derwent water.
Spud escorted us up Skiddaw on his little three inch legs (they were ten) . We had left the two fat ladies. Poppy and Lucy behind as they were less than enthusiastic last time. Poppy is fairly enormous with little new potatoes inside her and she was more than happy to rest up at home.
After getting back down from the mountain it was still really warm so we had a long swim in Derwent water which was delicious on our aching limbs. Such a lovely place. it just keeps pulling me back there...