Friday, 4 September 2015

The blacksmith, Carl Wain came in yesterday and most of the horses are now shod. He and Josh did a fantastic job as they had all gone feral after their long summer break and were definitely NOT on their best behaviour but calmed down eventually. They are looking (and feeling!) fantastic and have summered really well. We will be picking up the remaining horses sometime next week and then we are a full house again for the coming season. The painting will be done by then and it is back to school for everyone.
This is the first time for many years that we haven't got a stand at Burghley. We decided that as our products are now pretty well known and selling well on the internet that we would have the year off, possibly going again next year. It is rather nice to have a break from it as it is seriously hard work and we are hoping to go tomorrow for the cross country and enjoy being a visitor rather than a stand holder.