Friday, 18 September 2015

We are just on our way back having had the most wonderful time in Greece. We went to our normal heavenly fishing village just opposite Skiathos, and this time we hired a motor boat and explored both Skiathos, Skopolas and part of the mainland. Stunning sun baked deserted beaches, rugged scenery, emerald trees, silvery olive groves, turquoise seas, ancient forts, delicious food and an abundance of bird and wild life. Having the boat gave us so much more freedom and made us realise that there is so much more to see. We flew back from Skiathos and as the flight wasn't until four o clock we had time to kill on Koukanarius beach where we ended up sitting in a rubber doughnut each being pulled at top speed by a power boat. Doug being a wee tad heavier was flung around like a rather large rag doll and it was just as he was hurtling towards me at breakneck speed and completely wiped me out that I remembered that I had forgotten to organise any holiday insurance. Thankfully no bones broken and really good fun.
While we have been away Holly, Nettie and Christina have been putting the horses on the walker and getting everything ready for the beginning of the season. I didn't want them ridden as they are feeling rather fresh and I didn't want to risk any accidents happening in our absence.
Just listening to the England v Fiji opening World Cup rugby match on the car radio and it sounds as notwithstanding first match nerves England have won and managed to get a bonus point which could come in very handy in their group.
Looking forward to getting back now and can't wait to see how the puppies have grown. Apparently Poppy has been having a major sulk because we are away and is refusing to eat so they have had to start eating solids sooner than ideal as she is not producing much milk.