Tuesday, 22 December 2015

As it is coming up to Christmas I thought I should do the generous thing and contribute to the drop pot, which yesterday I very kindly did, when Rock bucked me off. This was after he had been up the gallops, so he is feeling very well indeed, as are all the other horses.
In fact today the hunt was meeting next door and I had originally said that we would take all the horses that had gone a bit stale and needed 'brightening up' thinking that we would probably be taking three or four, but as it has turned out there isn't a single horse in the yard who would be safe enough to hunt as they are all bursting out of their skins and certainly don't need any further 'brightening up'. In fact, the two youngsters, Bella and Lily had their own hunt as the field (we had been told that they were not coming our way) went past their paddock and the hounds literally ran through their legs frightening them so much that they burst through the fence and galloped flat out onto the main road. It was only because of the kindness and braveness of some lovely people (Jackie Hunt, Tammie Webster and her Mum and a stranger who stood in front of them to stop them running into the oncoming traffic) , who managed to save the day before they were hit by the numerous lorries which thunder up and down that road. Thank you so much guys - We owe you one!