Tuesday, 15 December 2015

As we weren't racing at Larkhill we accepted Peter and Annie Bennett's lunch invitation on Sunday.They live just outside Ashbourne so after a fabulous and very sociable lunch, which went on into the early evening we stayed the night in the local hostelry. The next morning as we were in such a beautiful area we wanted to make the most of it so we drove the short distance to Dovedale and then walked along the river Dove to Milldale. It was so beautiful with no tourists because of the dull weather. We were accompanied along the swollen river by a magnificent kingfisher and the trees were alive with colourful flocks of goldfinches, chaffinches and bullfinches while the ravens called from the craggy peaks above. Just superb.
The girls did a wonderful job of looking after everything at home and today all horses schooled in the menage really well. They (and the jockeys) are progressing rapidly every week and it is so rewarding to watch them gaining in confidence. We had Lucy Jackson who competes for the NZ eventing team casting a professional eye over them and giving some really helpful tips.

Noddy (Cupachai)  is a 4 yr old who came fourth in his first point to point race and then went under rules where he failed to shine. He came to us two weeks after running in a hurdle race in late October.
After riding him it was clear that he has been working on his forehand and doesn't use his back end at all so has done really well considering. Amy is lunging him to try and get him to use the right muscles so that when he races in the Spring he will find it much easier. 
He is such a lovely horse, beautifully bred and very willing so should improve nicely.