Monday, 28 December 2015

Chaddesley mud
It was definitely a day for the mud larks - We watched a few races before making our decision to run them and saw that although the horses that finished were very tired no horses were injured and there were very few fallers, so as it was safe ground we decided to run all three but the jockeys were told to hunt around and pull up as soon as they were slightly tired as we have entered them for next week at Larkhill or Cottenham where the ground will be better. All the jockeys, Clare, Nick and Harry did exactly what they were told and pulled up before the second fence from home in Budge and Scruffy's case and Cloud pulled up just before the last. They all jumped beautifully and finished really happy having enjoyed themselves.There were lots of runners and very few finishers, and the ones that did finish were absolutely legless. It was good to be out and they will all come on from the run. A huge relief that they have all come home safe and sound.