Tuesday, 29 December 2015

I forgot to mention that Holly won best turned out with Don't Budge Me - How could I?? He looked absolutely magnificent. I haven't any photos yet but this video which Irena (his part owner) took gives an idea of how well he looked (yellow and black colours)

It was all the more wonderful for us as this time last year we never thought we would get him on the track as he was a complete cripple and we just could not find out where the problem was. Luckily we have got very patient owners and the time he had off has been exactly what he needed. On good ground we think he will be a very good horse.
This morning we did the schooling in the menage again and although the horses were really well there was no empty saddles although Murphy very nearly had El off. We were honoured with another very good pilot, Paddy Geraghty, who is now a Red Mills rep and happened to be visiting the yard as he was in the area. he rode three lots and instructed El and Amy. He was very good at passing on his knowledge to the girls who are both riding really well.