Wednesday, 27 January 2016

All the horses worked really well up the hill this morning. We have decided to run Popaway in the Ladies open at Milborne St Andrew in Dorset on Sunday as she worked really well. We had a heart stopping moment with her on Sunday when she cruised into the lead in the Ladies open with two fences to go and then suddenly pulled up and Clare dismounted - I thought the worst had happened and rushed to see her and was so relieved to see she was completely sound. Clare (Hart) thought she had gone wrong because she changed legs and felt disunited. She had got a scrape on her back leg so she was probably feeling a bit sore, but it was nothing serious thank goodness.I would far rather that the jockey erred on the side of caution and brought back a sound horse than carried on when she thought there could be a problem. Velvet Cloud is also going to keep her company and will take her chance in the maiden. We have never been to that track before and so it will be a nice trip to somewhere new.