Friday, 13 May 2016

Entries have been made for Stratford.... We have entered Popaway in what used to be called the Horse and Hound cup, which is the 3 miles 3 furlongs champion steeplechase and also for the Aga Ladies final which is the 2 m 6 f. It might be that she can do a longer trip now, especially on good ground around a flat track.We will make up our minds nearer the time depending on what the ground is like. We also entered both Exclusive Rights and Don't Budge Me in the Subaru Restricted final. Budge is undergoing ulcer treatment at the moment and it may need longer to work, so may wait for a nice run at the end of May and Scruffy is on top form but we will decide on Saturday whether she goes to Whitfield instead.
The allergic reaction to the rape seed has died down now with the damper weather and the snotty noses and thick breathing is much better now so we should be over the worse. It was just an unusually bad week with the heat and the rape flowers all out in full bloom at the same time.
Tomorrow we are taking the two youngsters, Bella and Lily (Premier Gold) to Dingley for an educational run around and then on Sunday we have Dancer, who sadly has to go in the conditions race because the Grafton people kicked up about her going in the members, even though El hunts with the Grafton all the time and got her Grafton riders licence. I suppose she should be flattered as the opposition obviously see her as a threat, and we are also taking Sea Rock in the restricted and Pixie (Answer Quick) in the maiden. We are trying her in a hood in the hope that will settle her down a bit....