Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Oh dear, the heavens opened yesterday at the races so instead of the good ground we were hoping for it was a slippery bog. Bella pulled up, which was expected, but she probably would have finished if there hadn't been so many loose horses creating complete carnage. She finished very happily though and was completely unstressed by the whole experience which was a lovely introduction. Sea Rock ran a good race bearing in mind he hates soft ground and came fifth as well as winning Best Turned Out. He has a 100% record for BTO. Pixie (Answer Quick) also won Best Turned Out but they took it from her as she was behaving so badly in the paddock!!  She was a shocker, kicking out, rearing up and just absolutely terrified by the whole thing. She is the third horse from the same breeder who has arrived with us in late January, all eight years of age,all accompanied with a bottle of ACP, normally also with heat in their legs, completely fried brains, and with absolutely no trust in humans. We are then expected to get them on the track within three months and win with them....... It is such a shame as they are beautifully bred and very talented mares The other two had to be returned for one reason or another. A crying shame and a real waste. Anyway, she eventually got down to the start, did a circuit, a horse fell in front of her and she darted sideways to dodge it and poor Hugh fell off. She hadn't really got going at that stage so we don't know how it would have turned out, but the ground was like a pudding by then so it was probably for the best.
It was a beautiful day today and so nice to see the sunshine again. Annoyingly though Jess has managed to get herself kicked on the tendon and will now be out for the season, just as we get the ground we have been waiting for all this time and just as she showed us some promise at Cheltenham. Horses - Grrrr!