Sunday, 1 May 2016

We didn't run Cloud as the ground was too soft. Elvis was in the first race and definitely didn't approve of it and pulled up but then Dancer ran a pretty good race coming from well off the pace and ending up 5th out of 11 and finishing like a train
Elvis won best turned out putting Holly's tally up to 21 for the season so far. It looks as though we are on track to beat last season's record of 29.
We have just got back from walking Mollington and it is lovely ground, good, good to soft in places, so we will be running Brave Bella, Premier Gold and Sea Rock  - possibly also Answer Quick depending on whether she has got over her stone bruise she got on Friday.
Doug's Mum (Jocelyn) and Kate came to the races and Jocelyn made a delicious egg and bacon pie which disappeared very quickly. There was a cold wind, so it was fairly tough for them but they seemed to enjoy the racing. Hopefully it will be milder tomorrow.
El and Dancer - not very tired....