Saturday, 7 May 2016

Phew. All horses home safe and sound. I don't know why but I had a really bad feeling about today, with the faster ground and the fact that we have been so lucky so far with everything, so although none of the three runners shone I am just delighted they are back in one piece. Budge was the biggest puzzle as he just didn't let himself down on the ground at all and Immie said he felt stiff through the shoulders going down to the start. He did the most amazing piece of work on Wednesday that we couldn't believe the difference, but then he was very tentative when he schooled yesterday, so possibly he has pulled a muscle in between, Goody did well to finish as she hasn't had a race for a long time and they went very fast and Noddy lost ground but ran on well at the end on fast ground which probably didn't suit. We were also worried about the fact that we are completely surrounded by oil seed rape which is in full flower at the moment and when you breathe in you can really feel it on your lungs.  You can understand why Lambourn and Newmarket have banned anyone growing it within a twenty mile radius. That said it was a lovely day in the sunshine with wonderful people. Doug's mother, Jocelyn and sister, Kate really enjoyed it and it has been so nice to have them here seeing our everyday lives.