Monday, 30 May 2016

The superstars Popaway and Exclusive Rights on their much deserved holiday

Dove having a snooze after the birth of her new son

Mixed day at the races - Elvis ran a cracker with Peter coming a good fourth and we were over the moon with Lily (Premier Gold) who after behaving extremely badly in the preliminaries then went on to show that she will make a racehorse after all - Travelling and jumping as though she had done it all before and although Nick pulled her up two from home as he thought she had gone lame (she had stood on her hind shoe wrenching it off but cutting herself in the process) she gave us a lot of hope for the future as she did it all so easily for a first time on the track
Budge has clearly still got his ulcer problem as he was trying to kick his tummy in the lorry and looked really uncomfortable walking around the paddock, He walks like a supreme athlete at home but the stress of travelling and racing turns him into a cripple. He needs time and more ulcer treatment and then I am sure he will be fine.
Lady Barfad was in a really hot race as they didn't have an Intermediate and kept with the pace for a circuit jumping really well but then made a mistake and the front runners got away from her so Clare pulled her up - She almost certainly needs another wind operation as her last one was two years ago and they can need doing on an annual basis. So pleased they have all returned safely and we had a lovely get together around the lorry afterwards. Rather sad it is all coming to an end............