Saturday, 28 May 2016

Velvet Dove has given birth to a lovely colt foal!  Ironically it was the only night for the last three weeks I hadn't brought her in and hadn't checked her during the night as I thought she still didn't look close enough and she can be rather noisy when she comes in - Thank goodness all went well and she is now a very proud Mum.
We have decided not to run anything at Hereford as we thought it would be too firm, although we have since heard that there was a bit of rain there last night so it may not be too bad, but too late to change plans now. We are now running Budge, Goody, Lily (for her debut), maybe Elvis and possibly Cloud depending on whether we can borrow a trailer at Chaddesley Corbett on Monday.
Last night we all met up for a meal to celebrate the end of the season and spend a bit of the drop pot money - Harry turned up on his Harley Davison which Doug had to have a spin on wearing Harry's jockey skull cap perched on top of his head - Very funny. It was a good night and we are very lucky to have had such a great bunch of helpers this year, all of which have contributed hugely to a great season.