Monday, 29 August 2016

It was little Hector's (number five grandchild) christening yesterday which was a lovely occasion. The sun shone and even though the sweat bathed debutant vicar was so nervous his hands were shaking too much to light the candle, and then when Hector was passed over to him for the head wetting he very nearly dropped him and bashed his head against the font, he then randomly slopped water all over him and not just his head, Hector just gazed in astonishment and didn't dare utter a squeak. Such a sweetie.
Needless to say Josh and Emma had a lovely party afterwards in the garden and we were all thoroughly spoiled with the finest champagne and delicious canapes. It was lovely to see all the granchildren  playing so happily together.
We used to have our Open Day on this Bank holiday Sunday but because of the Christening and we are now so busy with the shepherd huts we will be having an open morning in the Autumn when the horses are working. They will all be coming in on the 5th September and having had the most wonderful break I am now rather looking forward to seeing their heads over the stable doors again.