Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Thankfully Rock didn't need to go to the sales as we found a lovely hunting/eventing home for him in Leicester. They came to try him out late on Sunday night and cantered him on his own around the set aside in the pitch black. Such a genuine horse. He was picked up today and will hopefully have a lovely time jumping those big Fernie hedges.
We had all the horses out in the big grass field today, we hadn't done as much slow canter work in the beginning as the ground was too firm so now we are catching up and finding out that it is probably more difficult for the jockeys than it is for the horses. They are extremely well and rather strong. Noddy came flying past us all with his head between his knees and Rach, our new girl sitting back, feet on the dashboard and a hand in the air like a rodeo rider. She did well to stay on and Noddy looked extremely pleased with himself...Little monkey that he is....
For the last week or so we have had a team of HS2 archaeologists surveying the land next to the house, presumably before putting the footings in for the railway. They said at the time that they thought they had found a Roman settlement there, and they came back today, very excited as apparently it is a "significant finding" It is now going to be excavated which will be really interesting. Whether it will make any difference to the line of the railway remains to be seen, but it will be fascinating to see what else they find.