Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The best made plans don't always come to fruition........ But most importantly both Immie and Popaway are very much there to fight another day. All was going very nicely with Popaway who had been out the back of the huge field, gaining ground nicely but then unshipped Immie at the tricky fence five from home.. She finished in the leading group having jumped all the fences but sadly without a jockey. She will have come on from the run and although she was a bit cross that she didn't win we were delighted that she went with the pace easily and was well within her comfort zone before making a mistake, being a bit rusty on her first appearance of the season. We loved Taunton though. It was really quirky and had a church virtually in the stable yard, right next to the track. Everyone was really friendly and it is definitely a track that will suit Popaway in the future

Popaway.  Safe and sound

Taunton stable yard next to the race track.