Thursday, 5 January 2017

The coldest day of the year but SO beautiful

The coldest day of the year so far but SO beautiful

All horses are going really well. We try not to work them too hard when it is so cold otherwise we get problems with dehydration and tying up, as they don't drink the same amount of water when it is cold.  I have just entered Popaway for Taunton hunter chase where with an hour to go there was 34 entries. We want to tun her in the Cheltenham Foxhunters and although she has already qualified her handicap mark may not be high enough to stop her from being balloted out.The only way we can improve her mark is by running her in hunter chases as point to point don't count.It seems crazy that a genuine pointer and hunter chase winner has less chance of getting in to the Foxhunters than an old handicapper that has a historically high mark but is well on the downgrade and may just have won a weak Men's open. If she can come close to a higher marked horse than herself then that will help lift her mark. Worth a try anyway!