Sunday, 22 January 2017

We had a lovely days racing today in the sunshine at the beautiful racetrack Black Forest Lodge. We were delighted with both horses Dancer and Scruffy who did a clear round and finished mid division in large fields with very competitive racing. Dancer gave Kara (our new novice rider) a lovely spin around, doing her usual dropping out in the middle of the race and then finishing with a wet sail passing tired horses.
Scruffy (Exclusive Rights) has been boiling over at home and we knew she was slightly over the top so we weren't surprised when she ran a bit free and jumped into the lead after 3 fences, she jumped like a bunny but as she was running with the choke out she ran out of puff two from home, but still finished sixth. She didn't particularly like the ground as it was pretty churned up by the last race so we were delighted with the way she handled it and the fact that she thoroughly enjoyed herself - Very different from the frightened reprobate at the beginning of last season who needed ear plugs and a hood to keep her calm and who used to try and run back to the box from the paddock.
It has been a very long day though , leaving home at 6.30 am ( I promise I won't mention that Holly overslept....) and have just got back at 8.30 pm. Yes, even though poor Holly was two hours later than intended this morning she still managed to win Best Turned Out with Dancer. Five so far - Jolly good effort.