Saturday, 28 January 2017

We have had a drop of rain here so hopefully the ground at Thorpe will be good now instead of good to firm. If it is good ground we will be taking Popaway, Alistair, Lady Barfad (Goody) and Glory Hunter (Murphy). Robert Martin is walking it later and we will know then. If it is on the quick side then we will still be taking Popaway and Lady Barfad but not Alistair or Murphy as both have had slight leg problems in the past.
All the horses are going really well. We have had a few new horses join the ranks lately. One of which is a lovely french mare called Burrows Spring. She had been trained in Ireland and wasn't performing, so the owners Julie and Neil thought she could do with a change of scenery. When she first arrived we were a bit worried about her as she was so quiet and dull in the coat but in the last two weeks she has completely changed and is beginning to show her class on the gallops and loves jumping. She is beautifully bred and we are very much looking forward to her first run which will be mid February.
On the other end of the spectrum we have also 'acquired' two HUGE horses which have been with Jimmy Tarry. Nelson (with one eye) and Lenny (a 13 year old maiden with a crooked head). Both are in excess of 17 hands and have feet like dinner plates. They are settling in really well and also have lovely owners, Mary and Peter. Jimmy did a great job with Nelson last year and managed to get a win out of him and we are very much hoping to do the same with both of them. They are so big that we didn't have a bridle to fit them and had to make one out of baler twine(!) You can imagine some of the looks Doug got on the gallops....