Wednesday, 1 February 2017

                                             Tik (Velvet Steel) before going in for her wind operation

We are beginning to pick ourselves up after the weekend's tragedy. It has been made easier by the lovely/quirky horses we have in the yard at the moment. The two new huge horses (one with one eye and the other with a bent head) Nelson and Lenny have been clipped, shod and the dentist has given them a proper going over. Lenny with the bent head had the strangest teeth the dentist had ever seen, on one side of his mouth they were like dinosaur teeth about three inches long and on the other side the teeth were tiny. Doug has just spoken to Jimmy Tarry to see what bit he worked him in and Jimmy said he hadn't sat on him for three years and the last time he did he bolted, so he headed him towards a big hedge and he charged straight through the hedge and bolted across the next field!!  He also told us that Lenny had done exactly the same with the last two trainers he had been with. Luckily we didn't know about that before as Doug has already ridden him twice and although he was very strong the first time, since he has had his teeth done he is much better. Fingers crossed this continues... Nelson is sweet and is loving being ridden although because he is blind in one eye can lash out at horses on his blind side.
On Monday we took Tik (Velvet Steel) and Elvis (The King of Angels) to Ben Brain's to see about getting their wind done as they both make a noise when they are in a race. Elvis heart was checked before the operation and it was found that he had a very erratic heart beat (fibrillation) Sadly it was so bad that Ben said it would be dangerous for him to be ridden ever again as he could drop down dead at any moment. Very sad but he is fifteen and has been an absolute superstar for Peter Bennett and we know that Peter will give him a lovely retirement.
The King of Angels with Suzanne and Peter after coming 2nd at Sandon.
Tik was found to have a trapped epiglottis which was operated on and now she is good to go. It has a much quicker recovery time that a wind operation so that was really good news.