Saturday, 4 February 2017

All horses went really well yesterday. We took them all around the big grass field except the three that are going to run on Sunday (Noddy, Budge and Dancer) and these plus Bea (Burrows Spring) and Lenny had a little pop on the schooling field. I was on a new horse in the field called Late night Jazz (Jim) who has just arrived three days ago. He is owned by a young chap called Will Seth Smith who wants to take up pointing and acquired the horse from a friend, who is a friend of Jim Culloty  who used to train him. His form isn't great but he seems a safe jumper and as he is only seven there is plenty of time to improve him. He certainly gave me a good feel as he tanked past the rest of the string somewhat over enthusiastically. He seems a lovely horse though and once he learned to settle he was fine.
Tomorrow we are hoping it won't be frozen off at Horseheath as the ground has been given out as good which is rather surprising with all the rain we have had.  Both Budge and Noddy have had their problems. Budge was found to have had bad ulcers last season and Noddy has had a problem with his back. They have both had respective treatments and we will know tomorrow whether it has worked or not. Budge may have lost his love for the game whereas Noddy loves it and always tries his hardest so we owe it to him to get to the bottom of his problem. Budge is very eye catching and if he has decided racing isn't for him then he will be a great ROR horse.