Sunday, 5 February 2017

We had a great days racing and we were delighted with the way all three horses ran bearing in mind their past problems. Noddy started off a bit slowly and was clearly worried about his back but as the race went on he started to jump with more confidence and was up with the group and loving it. Nick was careful with him and went wide so that he could see his fences. He did a clear round and finished around 7th which was very different from his first run when he was completely tailed off. Julie and Russell were overjoyed as we now know we have something to work on and he will definitely come on from the run.  Budge had El Raven on in the restricted and Kara was on Dancer. There were seventeen runners and the pace was red hot. We were delighted that Budge was up with the pace and with the leading group for a full circuit and a half, they then kicked on at the open ditch and he and El were left a bit flat footed but were just catching up nicely when he pecked on landing four from home and deposited El on the dirt. Dancer was completely outpaced but popped past everyone at the end and came sixth. She is so honest. Kara had dropped her whip on the first circuit so did really well to get round at all. El was fine and we were so pleased that Budge obviously still enjoys racing and he is a different horse from the unhappy chappie from last year. He is a month behind the rest of the horses fitness wise as he hurt his shoulder so we were very pleased with how well he went.
Picnic time at the lorry afterwards and all very grateful to bring three horses home safe and sound.