Saturday, 11 February 2017

Decisions decisions...It looks as though Brocklesby is going to be too heavy for our three mares so we are almost certainly going to Barbury Castle instead - Popaway is going to Fakenham on Friday, all being well.
We have just watched the England V Wales match - edge of the seat stuff and Wales played incredibly well but England just managed to score a try in the last five minutes which saved their bacon. Great game of rugby though.
The most exciting news of the day is that we have a new edition to the family - Little 'Mash' - A very hairy little brother to Tatty and half brother to the lovely Spud, although we still haven't given up hope of him being returned.. Mash is a real character and already rules the roost. Luckily Poppy and Tatty seem to like him and don't mind him being a little 'over the top'. It;s great having something young and hugely enthusiastic around. Such a tonic on a dreary winters day.