Monday, 10 April 2017

FABULOUS day yesterday. Popaway won by 55 lengths and Murphy (Glory Hunter) ran a fantastic race to come a fast finishing second, had the track been a bit longer he would have won for sure as the winner was getting very tired. Capt Len (the 13 year old maiden) was running a big race keeping up with the pace when he blundered and unseated Jamie, his brave jockey (the first jockey in history to actually volunteer to ride him!) Lenny then carefully negotiated his way back to our lorry and stood there waiting to be picked up. Bless him. He is a really lovely horse who has been badly misunderstood in the past and is now a delight to be associated with. We were once again the last to leave and Lenny was enjoying every minute of standing in the sunshine in the back of the lorry chewing on a hay net and watching the party happening. He absolutely loves being out at the races. We were also delighted with Murphy's behaviour who used to be a shivering, sweating wreck at the races but now is so happy and relaxed you wouldn't know he was the same horse. All down to Suzanne who absolutely loves him and makes sure she leads him up and does all the pre-work with him. Holly, the amazing BTO queen with the help of Suzanne won two best turned outs with Murphy and Popaway bringing her total to a massive 27!! Well done Holly!

Glory Hunter 

Popaway and Holly with a very happy Carol in the forefront
Glory Hunter after the race