Sunday, 23 April 2017

Hereford was called off because it was too firm so we were very pleasantly surprised when we walked Whitfield last night and found that they had done a brilliant job with the watering. The ground is good safe jumping ground so we will be taking Velvet Steel in the maiden, Glory Hunter in the restricted, Lady Barfad and Exclusive Rights both in the Intermediate and We Never Give Up in the conditions race. A busy day and we haven't got Holly as she is at the Young Farmers AGM so it could all go horribly wrong!
Popaway did her Yogi Breisner session on Friday to teach her to respect her fences more and not be quite so keen. It was really successful so Yogi thought that we should save her for Cheltenham now.
We had a bar snack with Juliet and Patrick after walking the course and got back home to find the fox had paid a visit and killed most of out lovely old hens (Juliet the hen included) and two of our ducks. We haven't had a 'Fox Attack' for ages so these hens had been around for a long time and we had got really fond of them. Very sad.