Monday, 24 April 2017

Velvet Steel

Doug with a Stay Cold Boot on his poorly knee
We had a fabulous day at the races yesterday with all horses home safe and sound. Murphy ran a cracking race to come a very close second, Scruffy and Goody both ran well and most importantly Goody actually finished her race to come a running on 5th. Scruffy needed the run after her wind operation and came fourth, she possibly was a bit too keen for the first circuit but will settle better next time now she knows she can breathe,. Tik pulled up after a circuit and a half as she made a mistake. She is still a bit worried about the whole thing and is just gaining confidence so Sam didn't want to be too hard on her, and Jess (We Never Give Up) surprised everyone by leading the field, jumping like a bunny, and looking as though she was going to win until two from home when she made a mistake and Kara fell off. It still wasn't quite firm enough for her but it was a massive improvement on her last run. Holly was very much missed but Suzanne and Christina stepped up to the mark and won two best turned outs between them with Tik (Velvet Steel) and Scruffy (Exclusive Rights) bringing the total to 31 which includes the BTO for Cloud which Holly won  at Paxford
We had a lovely picnic by the lorry afterwards.
Proud Suzanne after Murphy ran another cracking race

Juliet with her 'precious pony' Lady Barfad