Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Both mare and foal (Dream and Sam) are doing really well. It was a beautiful sunny day today so they both went down to the bottom paddock so that Dream could get a good graze and Sam could sleep in the sunshine. He is still a bit wonky but should straighten out with time. The vet came out today to scope Popaway. The vet wanted her to have a gallop first, which she did and Kara said she felt fantastic. She was then scoped and it was very dirty, it had both blood and mucus in it. It has now been sent off to see whether she needs to be given steroids and which antibiotics. Bless her. She still gave her all even though she wasn't right.
I have just booked a little four day break away to Menorca starting Monday. We are hoping to run between six and seven horses at Whitfield if the ground is OK and if we do there won't be many to ride out so it seems the perfect time. If we don't run at Whitfield then Holly won't be too happy, so fingers crossed they are able to do as good a job watering as they did last time.. The horses that are likely to go are Exclusive Rights, Lady Barfad, Velvet Cloud, Premier Gold, We Never Give Up, Late Night Jazz and possibly Burrows Spring.