Saturday, 27 May 2017

Horses just love making fools out of you!!  We expected Scruffy (Exclusive Rights) to run a good race but had absolutely no expectations for Lady Barfad (Goody). Well, the tables were completely turned and Goody ran a cracking race under Tabitha Worsley coming a fast finishing fourth and Scruffy pulled up only having briefly picked up the bridle. To be fair I had given the Irish jockey a real talking to as I had seen her in a previous race sitting on a very lame horse without getting off, and made sure she knew that Scruffy was very precious to us all and we would not be happy bunnies if she didn't treat her with respect. Well she was very gentle on her which was good but she didn't really go a yard which wasn't! Having said that we were absolutely delighted and astonished with the way Goody ran and had it been a three mile race she would have been in the first two.
We also had the same sort of experience today at Dingley where we thought Jess (We Never Give Up) would give a good account of herself but were disappointed to see that once again they had done such a great job with the watering that it was too soft for her and after jumping like a bunny and leading the way she pulled up two from home. Jim,(Late Night Jazz)  and Will Seth Smith on the other hand went brilliantly to come third. A fabulous result form a pair that were completely tailed off by a fence only six runs before. Well done to both of them as they have improved immeasurably.
We celebrated accordingly and were as usual the last to leave.....