Friday, 5 May 2017

Thank goodness - Both mare and foal alive!! All down to Sam and Nicola Burton,.Debbie Wise and Jack from Walnut Hill vets, who although he isn't our normal vet came out to assist. The prognosis wasn't good though as she had been foaling for so long and the foal was backwards. Jack said that he didn't think there was any chance the foal would come out alive but it was imperative to get it out as the mare would die. There were three of us pulling on ropes with Jack guiding which way to pull. Eventually this huge foal was born but wasn't breathing and his eyes were 'dead' but there was a faint heartbeat. Sam gave him mouth to mouth and to our astonishment after about five minutes the foal took a breath on his own. SUCH a relief. Dream is very sore and the foal is a bit wonky but we are extremely lucky not to have lost them both.
Anyway, we are all now getting ready for the Big Day. Popaway is just about to have her bath and she is as feisty as ever which bodes well. Fingers crossed she runs a big race and comes home safely.