Saturday, 14 October 2017

The Team have done a fabulous job in our absence - The horses look great and are now ready to start slow canter work - We did our first day yesterday around the round gallop and around the big field and my legs are feeling the effects!
We took them all out for a meal on Thursday to thank them for everything. Theresa and Alice had also done a great job keeping the shepherd huts going so they also came. A very good night was had by all and we all felt a little shabby the following morning.
We got a new arrival today, a horses called Flemensmix, a nice looking grey gelding owned by Phoebe Buckley. He seems to have settled in really well. Phoebe had already started cantering with him so he will fit into the system really well.
The weather is beautiful at the moment and the countryside still looks stunning which has helped enormously with the normal post holiday blues - It is great to be back and we feel as though we have really benefitted from having a longer break than usual - We are up for anything now!