Monday, 16 October 2017

We went with the Farmers Bloodhounds yesterday and Scott and Paddy had a great time on Budge and Jess. It was lovely to see Budge really enjoying himself, as he is such a nervy character, and as the day went on his confidence grew and grew over the fences.
We then had an early start this morning with a session with Yogi Briesner in the indoor school. Paddy was on Popaway and Scott was on Flemensmix (Kym) Kym has only ever hurdled before but he makes a nice shape and will be fine over fences and now that Popaway is getting older it is good for her to get the jumping muscles going. She was still as enthusiastic as ever.

Yogi was really impressed with our novice riders, Paddy and Scott who are coming on really well.