Sunday, 7 January 2018

All back safe and sound. Very competitive racing with huge fields. Scruffy ran very keenly and looked to be going extremely well in the front group but made a mistake three out and Clare pulled her up two from home. Clare said she thought she needs a tongue strap or possibly another breathing operation as she is just not finishing her races, but isn't in the least bit tired afterwards. Budge also pulled up two from home. He was in a field of eighteen and gave Scott a great spin up with the pace, and was genuinely tired as he tries his hardest. Only six out of eighteen finished. He has been great for teaching Scott who has improved out of sight. Both horses need an easy three miles so we weren't too disappointed, just grateful that they finished all in one piece as the racing was fairly incident packed.
Off tomorrow and looking forward to some sunshine after being frozen to the core by the icy Larkhill wind.