Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Immie came in yesterday to school Popaway - Well - to say she was keen was an understatement, she definitely hasn't lost any of her enthusiasm. We had planned to take her hunting today to freshen her up but decided that was the last thing she needed, as she is plenty fresh enough! Instead she went on a long fun hack and came back bouncing as ever, She has been entered for both Thorpe and Higham. If it is too soft at Thorpe she will go to Higham. She is another year older and owes us nothing, so as long as she comes home safely and has a fun time that is all we want. If we go to Thorpe Murphy (Glory Hunter) is entered in the Intermediate and if we go to Higham then Budge is entered in the restricted.
This morning every horse apart from the weekend's runners had a pop in the menage.

Top Garry and Brave Bella, followed by Percy (Last to Leave) Glory Hunter (Murphy) Memphis (King of Rainbows)