Sunday, 28 January 2018

The picnic is packed and horses plaited. We are off to Thorpe with Glory Hunter and Popaway. The ground I expect will be plenty soft enough but at least it will be safe. Murphy is being very grown up in the lorry and is loving having a polo every twenty minutes, he needs to be checked regularly as he can start to worry and break out in a sweat.  Popaway is the opposite and tries to bite my as soon as I go anywhere near her.. She has gone into her pre race aggressive mode. It will be interesting today to see if she still has got the ability she showed at the beginning of last season.
Paddy is besides himself with excitement at the prospect of riding Murphy and barely slept last night. Scott is pig sick that he hasn't got a ride but was still up at the crack of dawn to get everything in the yard finished before leaving. It is lovely to have such enthusiastic staff, and also to have a jockey who really knows and loves the horse he is riding. Immie knows Popaway inside out and we know that both horses are in good hands. Fingers crossed they both come home safely.