Sunday, 28 January 2018

Oh what a day! Glory Hunter ran a cracking race to come fourth. He thoroughly enjoyed himself and both him and Pacdy, the jockey will come on from the run. Popaway, bless her was up against some serious competition and I was very worried that she may not want to do it anymore and this would be her retirement run. However, the enthusiasm was definitely still there in bucket loads, too much, as she cruised to the front having beaten off all her rivals and did a huge leap two fences from home, but slid in the bare ground when landing and knuckled over. Luckily and thank goodness both her and Immie walked away totally unscathed. Very frustrating not having the win she deserved but I was delighted with the way she ran and the fact that she still loves the sport. Exciting times ahead!
It was a fabulous days racing though and we had great company around the lorry enjoying the winter sunshine, the picnic and a few drinks.

Paddy O'Connor before the action

Glory Hunter
Popaway winning Best Turned Out
A very relieved Popaway fanclu