Friday, 19 January 2018

We met Jay at Chennai airport and her driver took us all to Pondicherry which was three and a half hours away up the coast.

Pondicherry was a French colonial town and has some very interesting architecture. We were a little worried about what our accommodation was going to be like as we know that Jay is quite happy living rough but we were very pleasantly surprised when we saw her house, and where we were going to stay. It was extremely smart with high ceilings, beautiful furniture and even chandeliers - not at all what we expected.
We then went to see the restaurant which she has been in charge of setting up - It was a shop before and has now been open for one month. We were completely blown away. Part of the restaurant was set in the most beautiful garden and the rest of it was inside what looked like a stately home - It can seat 120 people and over the Christmas period she was doing 120 covers a day. She is the head chef and manager and had 17 people working for her. They were so pleased to see her back and were just running up and hugging her. It was so sweet. The food was fantastic and she has been getting fabulous reviews. She has worked really hard for the last five months getting it going and it looks as though it is going to be a huge success. We were really proud of her. The next day we took a motorbike tour around the area and took our lives in our hands - 10 lanes of traffic and everyone just weaving in and out blaring their horns  - a real Indian experience. We had wonderful time and it was fabulous to see what Jay had been doing. We wouldn't have missed the experience for the world.
Jays living room