Saturday, 3 February 2018

A nice article about the horses in the yard on Go Pointing .  All horses are flying at the moment. We are not running anything this weekend as we want to save our runners for either Barbury Castle or Chaddesley. I have ridden Popaway for the last three days and she is absolutely bouncing. Debbie Wise our fabulous masseur has been in to see her and was surprised how well she felt considering her tumble. She will be going to Garthorpe later on in the month.
I took the afternoon off yesterday to catch up with some friends for lunch and then visit my adorable Grandchildren. SO sweet.

Archie with his new Lego toy
At last we are into February.  I can just feel spring in the air even though the wind is pretty chilly. I can't wait to have daffodils in the house again. I LOVE the springtime.
Looking forward to hunkering down and watching the Rugby this afternoon although not too sure who to cheer on. Hmmmm, Scotland or Wales....?  I'm not a great fan of either at the moment for certain reasons. May the best team win!