Sunday, 18 February 2018

The schooling session with Will Biddick went really well - You can see why he was champion jockey so many times. He tuned up Memphis (King of Rainbows) Pasta (Babbiloora) and Top Garry. Paddy jumped 24 fences with Jess who was lead horse, bless her. Unfortunately I couldn't film any of the action as I had my hands full holding onto the horses that weren't being schooled.
However, today Paddy took Kingsley to the schooling field for the first time and he was awesome.

He loved it and was very genuine jumping with no lead horse. He is only five and 17.3 hh so he still has some filling out to do but we may just give him the one run this season for experience.
Every weekend I let the pigs (Percy and Peppa) out of their stable so they can have a wander round and for whatever reason Peppa decided she was a horse and not a pig. She tried to follow Kingsley to the schooling field and only stopped when Paddy gave her the slip and she couldn't get over the ditch, and then she came back and started chasing Murphy around the menage. It was hilarious. She can be my assistant trainer as she made him work harder than he has done in a long time!

Percy also decided that Murphy was his best friend and shared a hay net with him