Thursday, 26 April 2018

I rode Popaway this morning and she is absolutely bouncing - I have never known her so well after a race. It was all I could do to sit tight and stay on - Quite extraordinary! Tik (Velvet Steel) is doing well, she will be out for the season but isn't in any pain and is still bossing everyone around in the yard. Her bandage was taken off yesterday and the leg looks surprisingly good. She will be having cold treatment for a while before being turned out with Dr K who has been in for most of the winter but is now out at grass.
I have just walked Edgcote and the ground is much better than it was before the Bicester meeting. The fences are beautifully made but plenty stiff enough, We will be running Budge, Jess, Beech and Lily and giving Paddy, Hannah and Claire a spin. As it is a new track it will be really interesting to see how it rides. I think it may be too much of a stayers track for all of them apart from Beech who loves a stamina test.