Friday, 11 May 2018

Paddy has made an amazing recovery and is back walking around which is great news. He is going to Oaksey House on Monday for a week to be assessed and do a rehabilitation programme.
Partly because of staff issues with Paddy (Alice has gone to be with Paddy) and partly due to the ground drying up so quickly we have roughed most of the horses off so now we just have King of Rainbows, who is running tomorrow at Chaddesley with William Thurlby riding, he has been in twice to school him and will hopefully give him a confidence booster ride, which is all he needs at this stage. Don't Budge Me with Claire and Beech Hill with Hannah on Sunday at Garthorpe. We Never Give Up (Jess) and Premier Gold (Lily) are taking part in the Silver Spur race on Saturday - This is a two and a half mile cross country race and Claire is riding Lily and Lucy is on Jess, both mares will then run the following week at Edgcote.  Velvet Cloud, Glory Hunter and Babbiloora will also be running next week, so we still have plenty of runners for the remainder of the season.
I love to see them turned out safe and sound and we have some really exciting prospects for next season.