Thursday, 24 May 2018

Toby  - The Usain Bolt of tortoises
Well would you believe it!!! Five years after Toby made his great escape from our garden, and with two thousand open acres of crops to explore I came across him on my evening walk with the dogs. I could not believe my eyes as he was sauntering along the footpath at least a mile from home.
We bought him for Jay when she was ten years old (nearly twenty years ago!) and he was the size of a fifty pence piece, he had used up his nine lives then as he was always getting lost so when he dug under the garden fence five years ago just before combining I thought his time was up, particularly as we have had some very hard winters since. I am sure he recognised me as he wriggled his bottom when I scratched his shell like old times, and knew exactly where he was when I put him down in the kitchen (straight to the dog bowls) Quite extraordinary. I am going to find a mate for him now and put a tracker on him, so that he can still wander around but we can find him if necessary.