Monday, 28 May 2018

A great days racing at Chaddesley Corbett - Murphy (Glory Hunter) did us proud by coming a fast finishing second in a really hot race, Claire Angus did a fabulous job on him and then really looked after Velvet Cloud in the restricted, who had tied up badly a couple of weeks ago and just needed a gentle run. Claire really looks after them and doesn't get after them with the whip unless she has to, as a lot of jockeys do even though she is very competitive. She gets the best out of them without bullying them, which is lovely as we want them to enjoy their racing and then they will give their all.
Hannah had a lovely spin on Beech yesterday and came around sixth, with Beech being difficult to pull up as she wanted to do another circuit...
The season is nearly at an end now and I am very much looking forward to turning everything out safely. We just have Edgcote on Sunday and then possibly Dingley the following week. We have  kept Budge, Jess and Lily for Claire to practise on and Percy is doing the side saddle with Lucy Burton.
Popaway. Velvet Steel and Burrows Spring are all going to be walked in to three respective stallions either on Thursday or Friday of this week. Popaway is going to Blue Bresil, Steel is going to Norse Dancer and Burrows Spring is going to Pether's Moon all at Yorton stud. We also dropped Velvet Dream and Velvet Dove with a registered thoroughbred stallion (Blue Pimpernel) who runs in a field with a small group of mares. It was amazing to see him herd them up and then protect them from the other horses. It will be so interesting to see how the cheap and cheerful stallion's progeny compare with the expensive 'better' stallions. My theory has always been that it is the mare's line that counts but I guess in four years time we will finds out if that theory is correct... We are awaiting two mares to foal by him in the next month. They are two fillies both out of winning mares and both beautifully bred but they didn't grow big enough for racing so they were put in the field with the stallion and both are in foal - No hassle and very little expense. I can't wait for my little horse herd to increase significantly!