Tuesday, 5 June 2018

The office got struck by lightning during the big storm a few days ago and we have been without broadband hence the lack of posts - The big news is that Percy Mitchell (Last to Leave) won the side saddle dash at Edgcote races on Sunday!  Bless his cotton socks - He never really acted like a racehorse when he was in training, and then as soon as we give up with him he comes out and bolts home in the lead - They love to make fools of you! It was so lovely to see. He was SO happy the following day and kept on galloping round and round the field reliving his victory - Something he never used to do before the race.
We are winding down now and just have Cloud and Budge in who are going to Dingley on Saturday. Lily bled at Edgcote so will now be sold as a hunter/team chaser as she jumps like a bunny and sadly it is time to call it a day with Jess (We Never Give Up) who absolutely hates any sort of ground except firm but on the rare times she finds firm ground she is no longer quick enough to go on it. She has been a wonderful school mistress and an absolute super star in every way so deserves a nice retirement hunting and hacking.

Percy, Lucy and Di Mitchell his owner