Sunday, 30 December 2018

Both novice riders did us proud today - Ben got a great start and was leading for the first few fences, he was still there after a circuit but then the better horses took up the running - He had a little tumble at the last fence as he was tired but would have come around fifth or sixth out of 10 runners. It was great for him to be in the thick of things and to know how fit you have to be to race ride. It is a totally different fitness to anything else, so the more he races the fitter he will become. Budge was very pleased with himself and they seem to get on really well. Jess, bless her cotton socks didn't get such a good start and couldn't really 'be bovered' for the first circuit and a half where she was almost a fence behind. She eventually realised that Lucy was not going to pull her up and decided to get a move on, suddenly sprouting wings and bolted for home, overtaking tired horses. I can honestly say I have never seen a horse finish so fast. It was hilarious to see the surprised look on the jockeys faces as this freight train came charging past! I'm not sure exactly where she finished in the end as I was so surprised but now we know she needs more of a stayers track, even though she is flat bred.
Great racing again - There is a very high standard of horses on the point to point circuit at the moment.