Saturday, 26 January 2019

Late last night we got back from a little secret getaway in Sri Lanka, which was fabulous.  Sadly these days you can't tell everyone you are going on holiday as word gets round and you could get burgled. It was perfect timing for the horses as there is no racing for two weeks and is a good time to drop off the work a bit particularly when it is very cold. Lucy and Freddie did a great job keeping the ship afloat - A quick update on runners for tomorrow. We are definitely running Cloud with Lucy on board and Craig (Too much too soon) with Ben riding. Ted Thistle may run if the ground isn't too fast. We are heading to Thorpe where we have had a lot of fun in the past.
We have just got back from watching Northampton v Leicester playing rugby and Northampton played really well winning 40-27. Great game but it felt somewhat chilly compared to what we have been used to.

View from our balcony

A traditional Sri Lankan fishing boat which Doug went out on

I have got so used to hearing the crashing waves sending me to sleep that I really missed the sound last night. We did a bit of sightseeing and as well as other things we went to Mirissa to do some whale watching, where we were lucky enough to see five blue whales but we were really pleased to return to our lovely beach at Hikkaduwa and catch up with the friends we made last year. The fisherman were delighted to see us again, particularly Doug, as he gave them some betting tips which they did rather well with. They invited him to go on a trip with them which he did and absolutely loved it. We were even invited to their homes to meet their families which was really sweet of them.  Titus, the owner of the hotel bought a bottle of some local drink (Arruk?) for our last night and Sabina, another lady we met last year is threatening to come and visit us in the summer, which will be lovely.
We were sitting on the beach when we got a phone call from Stuart Edmunds offering us a young horse that is for sale out of his yard - When he told us the horses name was 'Secret Getaway', a 16.2 five year old mare that has only run once I'm afraid we could not resist her. The name was just too much of a coincidence and Stuart, who has always been right in the past, assured us that she was a 'proper horse'
Doug picked her up first thing this morning and she is exactly how Stuart described her. A 'proper horse'  She seems to have a lovely nature and she will have plenty of time to strengthen up with us as we are in no rush with her.