Saturday, 23 February 2019

I have been to Ireland for the last few days with three of my English based cousins, visiting my auntie Margaret who sadly has cancer. However, it was a very happy, typically Irish occasion with fabulous hospitality and lots of eating and drinking with my lovely extended family- I have 29 cousins in total and it was very special being able to catch up with some of them and their ever growing families. The Irish are so friendly and welcoming and although the trip was tinged with sadness, Margaret is determined to still be around to celebrate her husband's 80th Birthday in June, so that will be the next trip over to the emerald Isle.
Doug was chief trainer in my absence and did a great job - because it was half term week Ben was in and was able to ride the horses I normally ride. We have ten horses in work at the moment although Murphy has got a stone bruise and maybe out for a few days.
Jess was found to have bruised soles which accounted for her not wanting to run on the firm ground at Horseheath so she has got a reprieve and Scott phoned pleading with me not to retire Budge yet so he can ride him next and see how they go.  So much for my plan of reducing the string! 
We are not going racing this weekend mainly because the ground is so dry and patchy - We were thinking of giving Ben another spin on his horse (Too much too Soon)  but he also had a foot abscess which although it is much better now we would not want to risk him. 
We are desperate for some rain so that we can run our lovely young horses safely - We have Ted Thistle, Top Garry, Kingsley, Babbiloora and Secret Getaway all waiting in the wings for the ground to soften.  Most improved with the jumping is Kingsley who used to be somewhat gangly and uncoordinated and would frighten himself if he made a mistake but the penny has now dropped and he is absolutely flying and full of confidence.

Kingsley and Lucy